Food halls – A concept to please all

When you like traveling for food, you should definitely check if close to you there’s a Food Hall! Here you can find local street food, together with stands from all over the world. Tables are shared and these places don’t only accommodate everyone’s desires, but are perfect from any occasion, from family lunch to a cocktail with friends!

My favorite ones? The FoodHallen in Amsterdam ( and the Markt Halle Neun in Berlin ( For a more typical experience you can also try the Torvehallerne in Copenhagen (! Enjoy 😘

Jóhannes Sveinsson Kjarval – Can’t Draw a Harebell

If you are into art you must visit this exposition, curated by Eggers Pétursson. Here you’ll be able to admire a great variety of Kjarval’s pieces. Born in 1885 in Iceland, he’s one of the most important artists of his country, representing the periods of Impressionism and Expressionism. Everything takes place in the Museum of Modern Art in Reykjavik and you’ll also see the sketches behind his art! Enjoy 💕

Night Life in Reykjavik

Recently I was in Iceland and I thought nightlife wouldn’t almost exist.. Couldn’t be more wrong! Even on a Monday night you’ll be able to find plenty of pubs and bars where to enjoy a cocktail or some live music! Apparently the locals really enjoy karaoke and stand up comedies. Why not giving them a try? No one knows you anyway! My favorites? The Icelandic and The Ublner! Great beer, lovely locations and funny people! If instead you prefer a more relaxed and delicious cocktail you should definitely pay a visit to the Jungle Cocktail Bar.. Enjoy! 🍸

Sint-Martens-Latem, the neighborhood no one talks about 🤫

Near Gent, Belgium, there’s a fairytale neighborhood where all the wealthy population seems to enjoy life. Here you can find a tiny museum with pieces of Belgian impressionists and expressionists (Gemeentelijk Museum Gevaert), free of charge, and enjoy a walk around the golf fields.

You’ll spend the whole time trying to spot the beautiful houses all along these countryside roads and if you book in advance, you can enjoy some Michelin Starred food at the restaurant A Table. [Please respect the privacy of the people living there and don’t try to enter in their properties, it would cause trouble!] 💕

Moco Museum – Amsterdam

Don’t expect this to be the regular and boring museum! Located in a typical Dutch house in the center of the Museumplein, Moco is a boutique museum with pieces from artists like Banksy, Andy Warhol and Lichtenstein, but also temporary rooms in collaboration with a variety of artists! The perfect way to spend a couple of hours 🖼

A Muse A Day – Rem van den Bosch

If you’re a photographer and you’re looking for some inspiration, or an art lover going through a rainy winter you need to have this book. It’s a collection of pictures of inspiring women, nude. One for every day of 2015. Like a trip through our soul. I wish you a lovely experience 💕

Gentse Feesten 🇧🇪

With the first edition in 1843, every year the City of Gent, Belgium, celebrates with more than a week of colors, lights, stages and performances! This event brings tourists from all over, so make sure to book in large advance! They always take place the 3rd week of July, so this year they’ll be from the 17-07 until the 26-07! Don’t know where to go this summer? You might have found your place! Have fun 🎉

Noorderlicht – Amsterdam

This area of Amsterdam Noord is almost unknown to tourists, so here you can really experience being a “local” for a day! This cafe is open all day long, serving delicious coffee, vegan meals and local beers. They also organize parties on the weekends and in the summer there’s a beautiful terrace with view on the Ij, the river that cuts the city in two. Definitely one of my favorites 💕

Vögelchen Cafe Bar – Berlin

Address: Eisenbahnstraße 6, 10997 Berlin, Germany. I don’t know where to start! The vibes in this place were simply the best I could possibly ask for! We were tired, it was the first of January and this was the only open place I’m the neighborhood. We entered almost by mistake and we were amazed! The lights were dark enough to cover our hangover, but still effective. The antique furniture made us feel like we were in one of those old movies and everyone seemed fitting in the frame: no one dared to speak too loud and everyone seemed fairly satisfied. The coffee was nice and you can smoke inside (in Berlin it’s still allowed in most places). Perfect spot for a break, really close to the East Side Gallery! Really close by, if you want to stop for food, you can find the Markthalle Neun (Eisenbahnstraße 42/43), a place that could easily accommodate all your group of friends and satisfy everyone’s wishes! Keep it in mind for your next holidays!! ✈️

Cisternerne – Copenhagen

Under the Castle of Frederiksberg, with entrance in the Søndermarken Park, there’s a museum with a peculiarity: the level of humidity in there is 100%! Once these were the water cisterns of the castle, but now they host events and art exhibitions. You’ll love walking around guided by their system of gongs and you’ll be amazed by the light and mirror shows all around the place. The perfect atmosphere to hold each other’s hands 💕

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